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The Brand New Pi2GO Robot...from £97.99

The TTS Pi2Go is a Raspberry Pi controlled robot designed to unleash the power of Raspberry Pi in your classroom.

The TTS Pi2Go is Raspberry Pi Model B and B+ compatible and can be controlled using Scratch or Python.
As it comes pre-assembled all you need to do is mount your Raspberry Pi and start programming.
The transparent case not only protects the components but also allows you to see what is happening as it follows the commands of your on screen programming.

With a wide range of inputs and outputs to program, the TTS Pi2Go is the ultimate programmable robot and is perfect for project based work.
Let the students design, plan and write their program and once they're confident it'll work, try it out on the Pi2Go! The Pi2Go can be controlled and programmed wirelessly using Wifi or programs can be downloaded onto Pi2Go using the USB drive.

  • Individually program and monitor the various inputs and outputs (line follower, ultra-sonic sensor, RGB LEDs, motors, light sensor)
  • Input sensors allow user to control variables such as distance and light
  • Interact via Wifi or loading your program directly on to Pi2Go via USB
  • Compatible with Scratch and Python programming languages
  • Raspberry Pi Camera can be attached
  • Example programs provided to get you started
  • An online support site to discover the best way to get the most out of Pi2Go
  • Pre-assembled
  • Transparent protective case also keeps components secure
  • Enhance Computing lessons with real life application of programming
  • Write your program on screen and see Pi2Go come to life
  • Suitable for KS2 upwards

Helping you choose:

You may already have some of the components of the Pi2Go in your classroom, therefore we have selected 2 kits for you to choose from depending on what you already have.

Our   Pi2Go basic kit   assumes you already have a Raspberry Pi, a means of being able to connect to Pi2Go and some batteries to be able to power it. Therefore if you buy a Pi2Go you will recieve:

  • A Pi2Go robot  EL00494 .....£97.99
  • Micro SD card and adapter (pre-loaded with Pi2Go software)

Our   Pi2Go Ultimate kit, as the name suggests, is the kit for you if you want to buy everything to get Pi2Go roaming around in your classroom in one kit. The Ultimate kit includes:

  • Pi2Go Robot  EL00518.......£147.99
  • Micro SD card and adapter (pre-loaded with Pi2Go software)
  • Raspberry Pi Model B+
  • WiFi Dongle
  • 4GB USBMemory Stick
  • Rechargeable AA batteries X 12 (Including 3 charging units so you have lots of batteries, charge one set whilst the use the other!)

  • USB 32GB Memory Stick   32GB........£9.99 each
OFFER..Buy 6 EL00494 robots or more at £87.99 each
OFFER..Buy 6 EL00518 Kits or more at £144.99 each