GEO566....;PACK OF 4 PROBOT/BEEBOT MATS ...£229.99
 Each mat is 1.2m x 2.1m

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Travel the world and go on a voyage of discovery with Bee-Bot or Probot and our brand new  World map! This massive map contains an array of information and detail about the world, including the oceans, continents, countries, capital cities, landmarks and other large cities. Enhance children's knowledge of the world by combining map reading, directional learning, co-ordinate geometry and much more. The map is printed onto heard-wearing vinyl with eyelets, so when it is not being used with Bee-Bot it doubles up as a fantastic wall display. The detail and colour makes this map visually stunning and exciting and it's large enough for everybody to get involved! A whopping 120cm x 210cm!

Designed with brilliant detail in order to help children to understand the countries, capital and major cities, oceans and landmarks that make up our world.
Ask the children to travel from the UK to any country on the map, asking the different modes of transport that could get them there, and the advantages and disadvantages of said transport.
Children are encouraged to ask geographical questions, such as "what is it like to live in this place?," which can be prompted by this map and, due to its large size, discussed as a whole class activity.

The map is stunning in design and has been filled with enough information to fill hours of lessons.

Discover the UK with Bee-Bot or probot and this fantastic new UK mat! Children will have loads of fun and learn all about the Geography of the UK with this highly detailed, animated and colourful map. The map comes with eyelets so when it is not being used with Bee-Bot or Probot, it doubles as a beautiful wall display for your classroom. The perfect cross-curricular resource, encompassing map reading skills, co-ordinate geometry, directional skills and much more. Printed onto hard wearing vinyl, so all of the class can get involved and enjoy the map without the fear of it ripping! A massive 1.2 x 2.1m!

A brilliant cross-curricular resource which combines Mathematics and Geography through basic coordinate geometry and map reading. Section 3E of the Key Stage 2 Mathematics National Curriculum states that children should:

"Understand that one coordinate identifies a point on a number line and two coordinates identify a point in a plane; locate points with given coordinates and find the coordinates of the midpoint of the line segment."

This can easily be achieved by asking children to find the grid reference for Big Ben, or asking the children to place a piece of string between London and Edinburgh and identifying the grid reference for the mid-point of the string.

Travel around Europe and discover things you never knew with Bee-Bot and Probot and this fantastic European  Map. Children will have lots of fun and learn all about European geography with this highly detailed, colourful, vinyl map which due to its eyelets is suitable for use both on the floor or wall. The map which can easily be used as a classroom display also meets new curriculum requirements equipping children with knowledge of diverse places, clearly highlighting the physical locations of countries, seas and oceans while providing imagery to encourage further discussion about the human characteristics of each country.  
Size 2.1 x 1.2m
Why not go on a voyage and discover the Americas with this exciting map? The tough, scratch-resistant, vinyl map measures 2.1 x 1.2m and can be used either on the floor or as a colourful classroom display due to its corners with eyelets that make it easy to hang. The map also meets new curriculum requirements equipping children with knowledge of North and South America, concentrating on their environmental regions, key physical and human characteristics, countries, and major cities.