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Windows 98, Vista, XP,Mac and Windows 7

BUY 4 or more @ £79.99 each

The visualiser is a piece of equipment that can be used by both teachers and students. You can use it when you want a large audience to view something that is small or is being done by hand. It is also handy for creating a set of videos for later use…especially if you don’t want something being handled by the kids.

Ideas for Use in the classroom   (in no particular order)

  • writing process – showing students how to edit their writing (with pen and paper –gasp!). The good thing about this is that it is recorded – and you can send the video home for parents to see and help students at home!
  • showing how to draw something – a 3D shape, graph, diagram. Useful when students need to know how to manipulate tools to complete a manual task like graphing. Again students can access the videos from home and replay them as many times as necessary. Good for science, mathematics, geography, economics, history…
  • Students explaining – how they built something, their writing, a picture etc. Record to build up a portfolio of learning for the students or examples to show others (or take to a conference/moderation/PD session)
  • Demonstrate how to use a tool or piece of equipment where close ups are important. Build up a gallery of videos to use again and again…
  • USB Direct Plug
  • Internal Microphone
  • 3.0 MP Digital Images
  • Built-in Light
  • Web cam facility