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Talking Turtles...... Pack of 10 ...£39.99 Ex Vat
A wonderfully versatile set of waterproof recordable turtles for use in sand, water and gloop
Shortlisted for two ERA Awards 2013 - Early Years Resource Involving ICT and Primary Resourcse Involving ICT

Integrating ICT with outdoor or water play can sometimes be a challenge, but with these innovative recordable 'Talking' Turtles, you'll find it easy to bring speaking and listening development into any area of your setting.

Featuring a numeral on the top and the corresponding word and amount in dots on the underside of each turtle, they can be used for :

treasure hunts
small world play
number lines
jackanory style stories
simply for counting
Ideal for Early Years settings, nurseries, child minders or primary learning, they promote maths and number in a fun way.

With the ability to store up to ten seconds on each turtle, simply hold down the record button while you record your message. When you wish to play it back, press the turtle shell and you'll hear your recording loud and clear.

Fully waterproof, they have been designed specifically for water play, but you can also use them in your outdoor area or even indoors.