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NUM15 Magnetic Numicon Set   £15.00
Develop mathematical fluency and reasoning with our Magnetic Number Frames.
The visual aspect of the number frames help children to develop a practical understanding of number and can be used to support development of mathematical skill in an array of areas, from counting to problem solving.
Working in groups or one-one, children are encouraged to talk about number recognition, show instant recall of number, counting, sequencing and number bonds and are perfect to use with any age or ability.
Set contains 16 pieces consisting of the following;
2x 1's
2x 2's
2x 3's
2x 4's
2x 5's
1x 6's
1x 7's
1x 8's
1x 9's
2x 10's
Max size: 16.25 x 6.5cm.