The cost-effective solution for an interactive classroom!
Turns any flat surface into an interactive whiteboard
Set-up and start teaching in a few minutes
Easily toggle between your virtual whiteboard, the web and your current software
now!Board is the new portable virtual interactive whiteboard. now!Board works with your existing projector, computer and software so now you can turn any teaching activity into an interactive group experience!
Convenient & time-saving now!Board allows complete access and full use of all software already installed; making the most of your existing prepared lessons.

Just some of the many ways you can use now!Board:
- Play interactive games
- Display and complete teaching activities
- Watch educational videos
- Access and annotate images
- Open, edit and save documents
RRP ......£399.99
Introductory Price £299.99
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You do not need a screen, or a wall mounted projector...
It makes creating an interactive whiteboard so much more flexible
You can use it anywhere in your school or office
PE Activities can be delivered in the Sports Hall
Assembles can become interactive
It can be used for a task in one classroom, and easily moved and set up in another in minutes.....
All that you need to have already is
A laptop
A set of speakers
A projector - It is then up to you how much space you want to project and use, the interactive nowboard will work up to 14 feet away from the projector, to create a very large projection.
The speakers that you need will depend on the size of your audience. (only necessary if you are delivering an activity that requires sound).