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This useful application provides an on-screen Learn & Control for demonstration and includes Model Pack Two ACEs (animated on-screen simulations of models) giving children virtual models to control. The software has a Learn feature which allows a control program to be generated by simply clicking the outputs on and off on the ACE. The program can be viewed either as line-by-line text or as a flowchart, thus making the link from simple sequencing to full computer control i.e. using the  control software. -
What is in the control Trolley:
1 x eLearn & Control  software Site License
6 x Learn Controller Panels

5 Kinex Discover Control Models:
A swing ride

An amusement park gateway

A spinning carpet ride

A double ferris wheel

A tramcar

A set of 5 ACE's matching the models that can be built with (KX79013) K'NEX Discover Control Model Set

A set of 6 coloured LEDs (2 red, 2 amber and 2 green)

6V Buzzers

10 Spring Connectors
6V Power Supply
6 x 6V Batteries
6 X Battery Clip Connectors
1 x Storage Trolley on wheels
1 X Activity Manual - includes Teachers notes

The Learn controller is suitable for pupils with an age range 6 to 9 years. It’s a clever little box that offers an easy first step into the world of control, without needing a computer. It enables pupils to progress from using a switch in a simple circuit to programming’ a sequence of on/off switch actions to bring pictures to life and movement to models. Learn controller can be thought of as an intelligent switch box with a memory. It is able to remember, or learn, the order in which switches are pressed, how long each switch is held down, and how long between the presses. Learn Controller can then play back’, from memory, the sequence of switch actions that a pupil has made. Each Learn Controller is supplied with a battery clip connector (6 supplied in total) for use with 6 V batteries (supplied).
screen shot from software