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Science Curriculum Links -   KS2 - Working Scientifically

  • Making systematic and careful observations and, where appropriate, taking accurate measurements using standard units, using a range of equipment, including thermometers and data loggers
  • Learn how to use new equipment, such as data loggers, appropriately

Science Teaching Ideas

  • Materials and their properties   - use the temperature probe in experiments on what material makes the best insulator. Wrap the materials around beakers of warm water and measure the changing temperature of the water over periods of time.
  • Minibeasts   - Test the soil temperature in different areas of the outdoor environment and compare the different types of plants and minibeasts that can be found there.
  • Light   - Compare the brightness of different light sources.
  • Sound   - Compare the volume of different sound sources or compare materials muffling sound.

We have listened to your wish list for datalogging equipment and have developed the Log-Box based on your feedback so that you can afford to buy more than one per class.

  • All the sensors are built-in (temperature, light and sound) and clearly labelled to avoid confusion - just log in and go!
  • Specifically designed for smaller hands to hold easily
  • Robust design that can withstand outdoor fieldwork
  • A neck strap to free up hands when working outside
  • Recordings are easy to view and read with our software (included) or on the built-in scream
  • Choose how data is displayed in graph, bar chart, chart or table formats
  • Includes a plug-in temperature probe 
  • Information can be downloaded via USB cable (included)

Buy 6 units and get a FREE Activities book, full of tasks using the kit.